Zayn’s Day

In efforts to keep big brother happy after little brother’s arrival, we spent a day out just for him.  It started with visiting our friends at the YMCA, followed by donuts, and ended with an afternoon at the park riding his scooter.

Zayn’s scooter has been packed away so he hasn’t ridden it in some time, but we were happy to see that his feet actually reach the ground now.  Hooray!

He was a little bit afraid at first, and after a few falls he decided it was more fun to have the scooter “chase” him down the hill.

Mohammad would pull the scooter up the hill and then launch it to Zayn.  He thought it was hilarious.

He sure was happy.  And we’re happy that we can make him so happy.  We LOVE this big brother.

3 Responses to “Zayn’s Day”

  1. grammy Says:

    We love our little big brother too!

  2. Ann Randall Says:

    So sweet! He’s adorable!. Thanks for sharing! Didn’t see many photos of your new baby or his name…. Did I miss that post?

  3. Leia Desnoyer Says:

    I love that smile!

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