Kai’s First Bath

One day shy of his two-week birthday Kai finally got a bath.  Dad, the expert bath giver, washed Kai from head to toe as Kai screamed in terror.  We thought a bath would calm this little crying boy, but we were wrong.

Zayn even helped Dad out a bit, but soon became annoyed with brother’s screams.  (Note Zayn’s not-amused-face – pretty common around here these days.)

Screaming or not, at least he smells better now.

7 Responses to “Kai’s First Bath”

  1. Mamasita Says:

    Wow! now that is one mad boy!

  2. hamid Says:

    i love these pics :)

  3. Farzaneh Says:

    Two cute boys :)

  4. leslie Says:

    so cute! he looks SO MUCH like you. :)

  5. Ann Randall Says:

    Still….. he is so adorable! :-) Love Zayn’s face!!!!

  6. rachel Says:

    oh no! i didn’t know kai was a screamer. i hope you are hanging in there.
    poor zayn. i remember little oscar used to plug his ears and ask me to make baby henry be quiet.

  7. Leia Desnoyer Says:

    Anna, his face kind of looks like your dad’s!

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