The Redwoods

We took a quick getaway up North this weekend, and the highlight of our mini-vacation was the Redwood National Park. We took a little hike through the forest and WOW. It was so beautiful. The trees were huge, the weather was warm, and everything was so green.

The boys loved running the trail, picking up sticks, and looking for chipmunks.

Zayn’s favorite part was the tree tunnel.

Kai’s favorite part was chasing wildly after Zayn, stick in hand.

I love that we live in such a beautiful place. Nature. It’s just the best.

2 Responses to “The Redwoods”

  1. hamid Says:

    very nice!

  2. Leia Desnoyer Says:

    Wow! I would love to go there sometime. How beautiful and as always, love getting to see your beautiful boys!

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