What We’ve Been Up To

New specs. He’s killin’ it.  |  We cut off his curls, and now I can’t find my baby.

The ice cream man drove past the park – obviously I flagged him down.  |  We find the most random things at our parks. Surf’s up!

Cue “MAMA HOLD YOU KAI!” in 3. 2. 1.  |  Perfection.

Pancakes (with a view) after a long hike. Yum.

Best Fourth of July Parade seats in the house – until we realized the parade started one block up. BUT we did get first dibs at all the candy.  |  I’m always nervous taking my babies to see fireworks, but this one soaked it all in. He happily stayed up until their 930pm start time, clapped with each sparkling one, and didn’t complain once about the wind or cold. I guess he’s my all American boy.

Big city dreaming.  |  You’d think by now these machines would take credit cards. Sorry kid.

I took Kai to a storytime. He just longed to go back outside.  |  Kai’s kind of library. Take a book, leave a book.

Caution: Wide load coming through.  |  He used to cry in fear every time I dropped him off, now he can’t get there fast enough.

I wish I could bottle the smell of babies when they first wake from their naps.

Weekend aren’t complete until we’ve seen a train – or ten.  |  Found ourselves a mini beach to beat the heat. All 78 degrees of it.

It’s only 3 o’clock, and he’s already looking for “Da-ee.”  |  ”Boo!”

Taste testeres.

Muffin making Monday.  |  Pretty day to cross the bay.

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  1. Leia Desnoyer Says:

    Love the glasses!!

  2. Aunt Deb Says:

    As always, you made me smile. Love you Anna

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