Three Things

The last three weeks have been full of some huge milestones for our little family. We successfully potty trained Zayn – can we please get a woo-hoo! Zayn got a big boy bed and LOVES it – he still hasn’t figured out he can get out of it in the morning (or night) which we think is hilarious. Zayn started a new preschool and is quite the troublemaker – my perfect Zayn? Yes. And, Kai got a new carseat and now faces forward – he loves it, I love it, but Dad is still getting used to the constant little kicks from big-boy Kai. Ha.

Kai’s at the perfect age to begin mimicking everything we do and he has Dad’s morning routine down. First, he he insists on cleaning his ears with a Q-tip, then he must “fwas” (floss) – I find little pieces of floss all over the house because of Kai’s need┬áto floss everyday, and lastly puts on deodorant. Our tiny (and I mean tiny) bathroom is getting smaller by the day.

Zayn loves music. We don’t watch cartoons at our house, we watch YouTube music videos (per Zayn’s request). He has so many favorite songs and has even started copying the dance moves from the music videos. It is SO cute. One of his current favorites is “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. I’ll let you just imagine for a minute what it sounds like as Zayn sings “Uptown funk you up!” as he runs around the playground. Get it? We sound like real classy parents. Thanks, Zayn.

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  1. Grammy Says:


  2. Ann Randall Says:

    Me too!!!! More pictures! Can’t wait to see the big boy bed!!!

  3. Aunt Deb Says:

    woo-hoo woo-boo good job Zayn, its not easy to get parents trained!

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