What We’ve Been Up To

“Mow, mow.”  |  He would have used all his tickets on the roller coaster if we let him.

Just add this to the list of things I told myself I’d never let my children do.

A little appetizer.  |  Kai finally go to ride a “buf.”

Ikea date with this ham while “Dane’s at ‘cool.”  |  Serenading us while we wait for lunch. “Shut up and dance with me, this voooman is my destimee.”

The situation every day at 4:15p – the time I need to leave to pick up Zayn from school.

Ready, set, go!  |  He chased every seagull on that beach.

Can you spot the double dipper?  |  First day. Best part about Zayn’s new preschool? It’s across the street from the BART tracks.

Solano Stroll – Dad’s most favorite day of the entire year.

First ball game.  |  Shrimp po’boy, baked mac n’ cheese, tamale, fried chicken sandwich, and a chocolate covered banana for dessert. This one’s a foodie.

This kid doesn’t let anyone sleep.  |  Zayn woke from his nap asking to make a birthday cake, and that we sing to him, multiple times. So we did.

Pumpkin’ patchin’ it.

Whatever you can carry is yours.  |  Swimming pool fun of corn, and he dives in.

We’re not letting Summer go just yet.  |  Post-beach cruisin’.

Every. single. selfie.  |  I’m not one to keep things, but I’m having the hardest time letting go of these shoes. The first pair we bought Z – before he was even born. The shoes Z learned to walk in. The shoes Z learned to run in. And the shoes Kai has worn so much that they’ve turned holey. Lots of good memories from these four little soles.

Alcatraz. Guard! Guard!  |  Pumpkins on pumpkins on pumpkins.

First solo ride and so much fun.  |  Three peas in a riptide.

And about 10 seconds after this was taken, Zayn tried to jump out because we weren’t moving fast enough.

He’s just too much cute.

3 Responses to “What We’ve Been Up To”

  1. Grammy Says:

    Adorable….miss those boys!

  2. Ann Randall Says:

    Omigosh! !!!! So great to see this post! !! Looks like you are having the best fall!!!! Loved seeing all of these smiles!!! Any pics w your mom & dad???? I’d love to see some!!!! Miss you all!! Xoxo

  3. Leia Desnoyer Says:

    Those are great pictures and I love Zayne’s version of one of my favorite songs!

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