Zayn is Four

We woke Zayn on his fourth birthday and asked him how old he was – “I’m three years old.” he responded, in the most serious of tones. And if you know anything about Zayn, it’s that he’s as serious as they come. We quickly reminded him that no, he was FOUR today, in which he correctly responded – “I’m four.” As serious as can be. And from here on out, Zayn is now officially “Four years old.” We of course promptly celebrated with our traditional doughnut breakfast, the Happy Birthday song, and Zayn blew out his candles many of times, just as any birthday boy should.

We celebrated Zayn’s birthday with a surprise we just knew he’d love – a BART train ride. And if you really know Zayn, you know that he loves the BART train. We hopped on at a stop near our house and rode it two whole stops into Downtown Berkeley where we ate lunch, and then hopped back on again to go home. He was in heaven and talked about the “BART train” all day. Since Zayn’s birthday was on a school day, we all took him to school where he got to celebrate some more. Zayn was given a birthday crown and everyone sang the birthday song in English, in Spanish, and at least three more times throughout the day. His friends at school made him a special birthday book and we brought in pictures from when Zayn was a baby to show everyone. It was pretty cute.

Four year old Zayn is one of a kind. He’s smart and mischievous, he’s stubborn and serious. He’ll tell you his favorite food is doughnuts, but we know it’s really quesadillas, chicken, rice, or broccoli – really he loves just about everything, and really he just loves to eat. At restaurants we’re always waiting on Zayn to finish – he likes to enjoy his food. However Kai does not, and unfortunately for Zayn, a screaming 18-month old usually runs the show. (Sorry, Zayn.) His favorite toy is still his big replica city bus, and he still must sleep with it every night. His favorite books are “Pete the Cat,” and he knows them by heart. Zayn loves to run, and Zayn really loves to sing and dance. Zayn has a crazy good memory, and he knows songs like you wouldn’t believe. He knows all his songs from school (even the Spanish and Urdu ones), and almost every popular song on the radio right now. His favorite song is “Shut up and Dance” and the moment we start playing it he breaks out in the most incredible dance moves we have ever seen. His hands go up, he shakes his booty down, he twirls – we could watch him for hours while he is in his groove. And when he sings it’s so dramatic – we often think he is crying out in pain, but no, he’s just really into the song. Oh Zayn, you make us smile.

We transitioned Zayn to a toddler bed a few months back, and he just recently realized he can actually get out. So now, every night, we’ll be sitting on the couch watching TV and we’ll hear a thump, thump, thump and seconds later the door flies open and squinted-eyes, chubby-cheek, sweaty-hair Zayn waddles out. He’s not wearing his glasses, he has on his cozy pajamas, and at that moment Zayn looks just like the little baby we cuddled just four short years ago. And we can never just tell him to go back to sleep. No, we demand hugs, and kisses, and “I love yous” and sometimes we invite him to come and sit on the couch with us, so we can smell his good smell, and feel the warmth of his soft body that melts into yours when you hold him. Our baby, just for a second again. And sometimes I’ll catch myself wanting baby Zayn back, to do it all over again, but then I look at him now, at four years old, and my eyes start to water because my love for him today is even more than it was yesterday, and I know I could never give that back. Oh Zayn, you’ll never know just how happy you’ve made us these last four years. We love you, our favorite four year old.

Happy, happy birthday my beautiful boy.  Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.  And don’t you ever forget that.

5 Responses to “Zayn is Four”

  1. Grammy Says:

    Boy oh Boy do I love that Boy!

  2. Ann Randall Says:

    Happy birthday to this amazing boy!!!! What a great birthday post! I loved it ALL!!! Anna, you should be a writer!!! Seriously!

  3. Hengameh Says:

    Happy Birthday Zayn! I LOVE his last picture, Anna :)

  4. Leia Desnoyer Says:

    I think he’s MY favorite 4 year old too and I’ve never even met him! I love his birthday. Everyone deserves a birthday like the one you and your husband put together for him. Happy Birthday Zayn!

  5. Erica G Says:

    I came across your blog by a roundabout sort of way. My reason for writing is just to tell you how adorable your son is! He has a sweet, beautiful, angelic, little face :) 4′s are fun! I hope he had a great year! (I think he’s almost 5 now??)

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