Three Things

It’s amazing how much Kai learns from Zayn – he mimics everything he does – the way he talks, the way he plays. But our very favorite thing Kai has learned form Zayn is “Kween it.” For as long as we can remember, Zayn has always said “Kween it!” (clean it) whenever he gets hurt. One day he fell down and ran over for me to wipe his hands clean, and it then it just stuck. Now, every time Kai gets hurt – smashes his finger, trips and falls,¬†bumps his head – he runs over holding the hurt body part asking me to “Kween it, kween it!” in his high-pitched squeaky voice. We always brush the hurt finger, leg, head, and the crying immediately stops. We love that he learned that from Zayn

Like you know, we transitioned Zayn into a toddler bed a few months back, and then we got to thinking – let’s just throw Kai in one too. So we did. And every night putting them to bed is one crazy party. We brush teeth, give kisses, turn out the lights, and shut the door. And before we can even reach the bottom of our (three) stairs we hear it – uncontrollable laughter. Zayn can barely contain himself – he giggles away, and through the air-sucking laughs we hear, “Kai, no, you can’t do that.” Meanwhile, Kai has jumped out of bed, gotten toys down, books out, hidden in the closet, jumped on Zayn’s bed (and Zayn’s head), and if he’s brave enough, he’ll sneak out and peek his head around the corner and say “I see you.” We try our very hardest to be stern, to get mad – we stomp to their room to yell and pretend to be angry – and then we’ll shut the door, look at each other and smile, because we just can’t help but love our two brothers.

It’s November and we are STILL going to the beach. We just can’t stay away.

Also, these brothers? Love them.

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  1. Hengameh Says:

    <3 :)

  2. Grammy Says:

    cutest brothers ever!

  3. Ann Randall Says:

    Oh! I can’t wait to see a picture of the toddler beds!!! How exciting!
    These two are sooo cute!!!! Xoxo Ann

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