What We’ve Been Up To

That’s FOUR candles on Zayn’s birthday donut.  |  Four year checkup – 34in, 31.5lbs. And he’d rather be sleeping.

Dad took the boys backyard “cimping.” I think they are ready for the real deal. (Mom is not.)  |  Tantrum on aisle three.

Two curious Pete the Cats too busy for Halloween pictures.  |  Halloween loot.

Banana and chocolate. Fitting.

Can’t stay away.  |  Visiting the Russian River – if we can’t go in it, we’ll have to go over it.

Point Reyes Lighthouse – 308 stairs down, 308 stairs up.

Naptime. (I nearly died taking this picture!)

Zayn got to take the pet turkey home from school over Thanksgiving break. Also, every day is pajama day in Zayn’s book.  |  Cool new wall, I couldn’t help but take a picture.

Insists on carrying the book bag, refuses to carry any books.  |  Zayn gets his own BART ticket. It’s like Christmas morning.

Up, down, repeat.  |  First love.

4 Responses to “What We’ve Been Up To”

  1. hamid Says:

    so so cute :)

  2. Faezeh Says:

    Cute, I love the nap time picture so much

  3. grammy Says:

    Miss those boys!

  4. Cynthia Says:

    I love these photos! You are an amazing photographer and you boys are so cute. I have an 19-month old with achon, and seeing these photos makes me so happy :)

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