Kai Turns Two

Our blonde hair baby boy turned two this past week, and we celebrated him the best way we know how – with breakfast donuts. We sang, he blew out his candles, and then gobbled his chocolate donut right up. We followed up our early birthday celebration with a quick bath and then the three boys set off on a special adventure – a trip on the Green Bus. The Green Bus is special because it’s the bus Dad takes to work every day – it only goes to San Francisco and back and only runs on weekdays. Kai and Zayn ask to ride it all the time – what better of a birthday gift for Kai (and Zayn) than a trip on the commuter bus? What fun! Ha. I dropped the boys off at an earlier bus stop to make sure they all got a seat, and then I hurried off to the city to try and beat them there (they won of course). Mohammad said they had the best time. Up high they could see all the things – cars, other buses, trains, bridges, boats, buildings, and more. When they got to the city they went with Dad to get his morning coffee and then I picked them up to play. We spent the rest of the morning playing at a nearby park and eating more treats, but of course I couldn’t even begin to compete with Dad’s special gift – they have been asking every day since to ride it again.

Two year old Kai is a ball of energy. Seriously, we can hardly keep up with him. He’s up at 6am and is bouncing off the walls until he falls asleep around 9pm at night. We try and make him sleep in his toddler bed in Zayn’s room, but once we put them to bed and shut the door we start hearing toys being taken off shelves, pictures being torn off walls, Zayn screaming for help, and then eventually we’ll see two little eyeballs peeking under the door just begging to come back out and play. Sometimes we oblige, most of the time we stick him back in his mini-crib in our room where he’ll fall asleep soundly. And through the night, too! It only took him 22 months to figure it out, but we are now golden. He is also weaned. It was getting a little ridiculous when Kai would come up to me every 30 minutes to “Eat! Eat!” so we finally cut him dry. He struggled for a bit – he sucked one of his thumbs bloody raw, so he had to (awkwardly) switch to the other, but now he’s a thumb-sucking ambidextrous two year old. That’s cool, right?

Kai loves food. He is continuously snacking on almonds and cashews. He is known to eat peanut butter by the spoonfuls, he loves brussel sprouts, and will gladly help me finish off my salad. He is our little health nut, but also makes certain he eats some kind of chocolate every single day. Whether it be in his oatmeal (he always asks for just one more chip), in line at the grocery store, in his milk, or an M&M buried deep in the sand and months old – he will find it, and he will eat it.

His favorite toys are his garbage trucks – we have about ten of them. He can spot a garbage truck from a mile away and gets SO excited. “It’s a garbage truck, Mama, it’s a garbage truck!” It’s no surprise that his favorite day is Thursday – garbage day. He also likes trains, cement trucks, diggers, fire trucks, police cars and his baby. He loves to hold her, feed her, change her diaper, take her grocery shopping, and push her around in the stroller. Sometimes it feels like I have three kids because Kai insists on carrying his baby around everywhere. He loves to jump, hang, climb, run and scare us. He’s not afraid of anything, even spiders. He insists on doing everything Zayn is doing, and everything himself – putting on shoes, brushing his teeth, getting into his carseat. He is Mr. Independent.

And although he is so so sweet, Kai knows how to throw a mean tantrum. He kicks and screams, throws his head back and lays on the floor. At home, or at the grocery store, the library, a quiet restaurant, in the middle of the street. Time out (at home) is usually in his crib, because he won’t sit anywhere else, which means his crib is about one screw away from completely collapsing onto the floor. One day it’s all going to come crashing down because of Kai and his wild tantrums. We’re scared for that day.

But rest assured, we can’t stay mad at this boy for long. His cheeks are just too chubby not to kiss, his smile melts our hearts, his laugh cheers up our home, and his enthusiasm for life makes it all worth it. Happy, happy birthday my baby boy.  Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.  And don’t you ever forget that.

6 Responses to “Kai Turns Two”

  1. Emma Says:

    Happy Birthday Kai!!

  2. Leia Desnoyer Says:

    Ahhh, happy birthday Kai!! Enjoy. being Two!

  3. Joy Says:

    Oh goodness! What a perfect description of Kai! We ALL love this full-of-life and mischievously loving boy. Happy Birthday Kai!

  4. Ann Randall Says:

    2 already??? Wow! He is adorable! Birthdays are always so much fun!

  5. Linda Cochran Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday sweet Kia. I would love for my next birthday to look exactly like Kia’s!

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